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How the coop works

The Media Fund is a multistakeholder co-op with three classes of membership. They are:

  1. Workers – these are people who work in the co-op.  They are hired, or work voluntarily, with the agreement of the general manager and the rest of the workers.
  2. Media Partners – these are the media organisations that the fund raises money for.  New Media Partners can only be added with the consensus of the the existing media partners.
  3. Donors – these are the people who donate through the fund.  It is one member, one vote (so money cannot buy influence), and your membership lasts 12 months from your last donation

Functions and powers of different committees

The Board

The Governance board of the co-op represents all the members. The members are equally represented on the board.

So the board will be made up of a third of representatives of the donors, a third representatives of the media partners, and a third representatives of the workers.

The process for these elections will begin after the first AGM.

The board will set the strategic direction of the coop, appoint the General Manager/Managing Director, and produce regular reports on how the Fund is succeeding on its business and strategy plans.

If you are a donor and interested in being on the board please contact us – see the contact form below

Investment Sub Committee

The investment sub committee controls the allocation of the Project Fund pot and will be made up of solely worker members and donor members.  The Media partners will not have any representation on here as they will be putting funding applications to this committee.

The Investment Sub Committee will put out polls to the donors to see what projects the donor members want their money to be spent on.

They will do this after taking in very simple project applications from media partners.

Once the results of the poll are in they will distribute the cash accordingly.

Over time this sub committee may come up with new ways of democratically apportioning the funds that include the members.  This will have to be agreed by the governance board and at the AGM.

Draft Investment Guidelines and Governance Rules

Here are downloadable PDF’s of our draft Investment Guidelines and Governance documents.

They are to be ratified at the first AGM on the 3rd of December.  We are still taking submissions for amendments, and have several already proposed.

The first AGM is going to be populated by workers and media partners solely, as it will be here that we establish the mechanisms for donor members being able to elect representatives.

Please let us know your thoughts below!

We are still a small group of (mostly) volunteers!  So we beg you patience with this and any areas we might have made mistakes in!  We’re trying our best and are very open to constructive criticism and improving as much as possible.
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