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Bella Caledonia

Bella Caledonia is an online magazine based in Scotland that publishes political and social commentary.

Bella Caledonia was formed in 2007 by Mike Small and Kevin Williamson as an online magazine combining political and cultural commentary. Bella is named after a character in Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things (1992). Like Bella we are looking for a publication and a movement that is innocent, vigorous and insatiably curious. Bella is aligned to no one and sees herself as the bastard child of parent publications too good for this world, from Calgacus to Red Herring, from Harpies & Quines to the Black Dwarf.

What we do

Following the idea ‘don’t hate the media become the media’ – you can write for us – share us – support us. We are open to submissions and collaborations – our whole purpose is to cdeate a platfor for new writers, artists, filmmakers (etc)

You can find us on Facebook, on Vimeo, onInstagram, on Twitter, on Storify and on Spotify.

We want to provide a platform for new writers, filmmakers and artists.

We have published hundreds of writers over the last decade: Irvine Welsh, Vonny Moyes, Christopher Silver, Alan Bissett, Jay Griffiths,  Jen Stout, Kathleen Jamie, Stuart Cosgrove, Katie Gallogly-Swan, George Gunn, Saffron Dickson, Kirsty Strickland, Robin McAlpine, Alda Sigmundsdóttir, John Warren, Alec Finlay, Andy Wightman, Caitlin O’Hara, Shaun Burnie, Smári McCarthy, Wilson McLeod, Svenja Meyerricks, Cat Boyd, Darren McGarvey, Douglas Robertson, Haniya Khalid, Justin Kenrick, Karen Emslie, Yiannis Baboulias, Kirsten Han, Jack Ferguson, Alastair McIntosh, Alistair Davidson, Lesley Riddoch, Dougie Strang, Laura Cameron Lewis, Kevin Williamson, Meaghan Delahunt, Jenny Lindsay, Peter Arnott, Fiona Ferguson, Lauren Currie, DJ MacLennan, Pat Kane, Ruairidh Maciver, Daibhidh Rothach, Rona Dhòmhnallach, Billy Kay, Matthew Fitt, AL Kennedy, Jim Monaghan and many many others.

See our Contributors section for more detail.

We publish in three languages, having started our Gaelic and Scots language columns in 2014. We believe that you can’t really separate culture and politics – that’s why we’ve produced an album ‘Songs for Scotland’ (you can buy it here) and a concert (watch it here).

We produced four issues of a print magazine called Closer, you can download a copy here – or we can send you a printed copy.

We hold regular live gigs and events for members and supporters, including this one with Ricky Ross, Karine Polwart, Loki and Becki Wallace.

We publish a monthly print magazine on the first weekend of the month in collaboration with The National newspaper. Details and a section of back content here.

We Review books and poetry here – and give you a weekly Playlist on Spotify here featuring the best music from a weekly guest.

We promote the annual Thomas Muir lecture.

We’re not aligned to any one political party but believe in self-determination for Scotland. Only then will a country disfigured by poverty and inequality be re-born. Only independence can bring democracy. The British State is irredeemable and is structurally corrupt, broken and riven with hierarchy.

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