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DeSmog UK

DeSmog UK is an independent investigative media outlet that aims to expose lobbying and spin around climate change and other environmental issues.

DeSmog UK was launched in September 2014 as an investigative media outlet dedicated to cutting through the spin clouding the debate on energy and environment in Britain. Since then, our team of journalists and researchers has become a go-to source for accurate, fact-based information regarding misinformation campaigns on climate science in the UK.

97 percent of peer-reviewed climate studies concur with the scientific consensus that human-caused global warming is real and that the burning of fossil fuels is one of the main drivers.

As the stakes rise, conversations in the UK about energy and the environment have become increasingly polarised and dysfunctional. Vigorous debates have been replaced by public relations battles and smear campaigns that don’t benefit anyone.

Dedicated to in-depth, fact-based reporting, DeSmog UK aims to investigate and analyse the undue influence of climate science denial and the fossil fuel industry on UK energy and climate policy. Through our news, opinion, and analysis, DeSmog UK seeks to restore healthy public conversation on energy and environment.

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