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Journo Resources

Journo Resources

Journo Resources is a non-profit company which helps to create a better media industry by levelling the playing field for young people from all backgrounds. We provide constructive tools, long-form careers advice and journalism, and practical tools and data to empower young people.

Our Mission

Journalism is not a diverse industry. A recent report by The Sutton Trust found that 51 per cent of leading journalists were educated privately, less than one in five went to a comprehensive and more than half went to Oxbridge. Just under 80 per cent of leading editors were educated privately.

“Journalism has shifted to a greater degree of social exclusion than any other profession. Journalism, with some honourable exceptions, does not seem to take fair access seriously. What seems to distinguish journalism from other industries is that interns are substitutes for what in other sectors would be regarded as mainstream employees.” Milburn Report, 2012

Ninety-four per cent of journalists are white, according to an investigation by City University and more than half are male. A State of the Nation Report also found that just 11 per cent of journalists are working class, compared to 60 per cent of the population.

How can journalism ever really represent the people it is supposed to serve, if it is not made up of the people from those backgrounds? This is what Journo Resources seeks to change, by offering constructive tools, advice and resources to help break down the barriers of entry.

Our Principles & Products

So far, we’ve developed a range of tools which simply don’t exist anywhere else. We collect data on freelance rates and job salaries so people don’t get shortchanged when negotiating. We offer advice on how to pitch and templates on how to invoice or do your accounts and promote opportunities for free learning, and funding for education and reporting. We’re soon to relaunch our in-depth advice section, which has a focus on quality long-form journalism, which gives a true insight into how to break into the profession. We also attend events up and down the country – and speak to as many people as we can.

We’re a company with principles – what some other people might wrongly describe as risks – in order to drive real change in the industry:

  • We always include at least one woman and a person of colour on any panel or event we organise. These cannot be the same person.
  • We will not advertise any jobs or opportunities which are listed as ‘competitive’ or ‘dependent on experience’. They must, at least, show a salary range.
  • In any Journo Resources event where we charge a small fee to enter and cover our costs, we must provide a number of scholarship places for those who cannot afford travel and tickets.
  • All of our content will always be free to access.
  • We are collaborative – not competitive – and aim to work with other media players who share our values and interests.
  • Our journalism is about quality – not quantity. We aim to produce insightful and meaningful long reads that will impart knowledge to our readers as they begin their journalism careers.
  • We believe journalism doesn’t just start at university or in London, and reach out to groups and events across the UK, including those at sixth forms or adult learners.
  • We will only work with partners who share our beliefs and ideals.
  • Our content goes where young people want it – we’re not fussed about putting advice in an article, if young people would rather it as a Twitter thread or an Instagram story.

Our Impact

To date, we have already reached thousands of young people across the UK. Our main site gets more than 14,000 hits a month (and rising) and we’re soon to relaunch our advice section, in conjunction with universities and sixth forms across the country. Our monthly newsletter goes out to more than 2,000 people, with an open rate of more than 50 per cent. We’ve spoken at events across the country, for university students, adult GCSE learners, sixth form students and more. In 2018 we were awarded the Georgina Henry Award for Digital Innovation at The Press Awards, giving us £3,000 of funding and our Head of Branding won a scholarship from Print Futures.

However, in order to become sustainable and secure our future, and crucially reach more young people we need your help. In order to operate a skeleton staff team of six days a month and keep our web and email costs under control, we need to raise at least £750 every month. As well as taking donations, we can also offer content and advertising opportunities for partners who share our goals and aspirations. If you’d like to chat we’d love to have a hot chocolate with you – catch us on [email protected].

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