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New Socialist

New Socialist

Robust intellectual discussion and intransigent rabble rousing. An independent source of left thought based in the UK.

With social democracy wracked by crisis and the far right on the rise, the need – and opening – for a rigorous and radical socialist alternative is glaring. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, meanwhile, managed to buck a very powerful trend of social-democratic decline in the 2017 general election, leading an inspiring campaign that generated tremendous energy and enthusiasm – earning 12.8 million votes for Labour in the process.

New Socialist aims to build on this by engaging with and supporting the grassroots left movement to shape a Labour Party that’s inclusive, diverse, transparent and truly democratic. It seeks to help build, organise and encourage the movement as well as fostering robust intellectual discussion, razor-sharp debate and thorough criticism. Unashamedly partisan but by no means an echo chamber, New Socialist will continue to serve as an intransigent rabble-rouser as well as a journal of ideas, providing a home for domestic and international socialist left perspectives.

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