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Open Democracy

OpenDemocracy is an independent global media platform

openDemocracy is an independent global media platform publishing up to 60 articles a week and attracting over 8 million visits per year.

Through reporting and analysis of social and political issues, openDemocracy seeks to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world. With human rights as our central guiding focus, we ask tough questions about freedom, justice and democracy.

We give those fighting for their rights the agency to make their case and to inspire action.

Organisational Structure

Established in 2001, openDemocracy is a non-profit federation comprising the Main site and a number of editorially and financially independent Sections.

The Main site is the hub of the organisation, providing the operational and technological infrastructure supporting all Sections, managing Editorial Partnerships and producing about half of the total articles published. With a small central editorial team the Main Site ensures powerful ongoing analysis and debate around key issues of rights, equality and justice.

We influence the media

We receive daily information or interview requests from leading global media outlets  including BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, The New York Times, Bloomberg, NPR,  Russia Today, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Le Monde Diplomatique, El Mundo, Sky News,  ITV, CBC, ABC, Channel4, Islam Channel, USA Today.

We harness the openness of the internet

By publishing with Creative Commons licensing, we extend the reach of our articles far  beyond our own website and readership, as they are cross-posted, referenced and  translated into other languages.

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