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Rebels Without A Pause (RWAP)

Rebels Without A Pause

Rebels Without A Pause are an independent news and documentary production company based in the UK committed to democratising the way people engage with factual content. We cover social, political and cultural topics through a varied mix of productions, from short news reports through to feature length films.

As part of our commitment to create a more democratic media landscape, Rebels Without A Pause provide training for aspiring journalists working with us as well as delivering education packages that cover basic journalist practices and critically evaluating factual media content.

Our aim to move away from the limitations of traditional, advertiser led media and into a supporter led organisation, where our supporters have access and ability to be a part of the development of Rebels Without A Pause and its content.

We’ve been creating videos for years individually and for various news sites around the world, but over the past year we’ve been working voluntarily to bring hidden stories to the mainstream through Rebels Without A Pause (RWAP Films).

Now it’s time to take the plunge and start building Rebels Without A Pause full time and for that we need your support.

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