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Welfare Weekly


Welfare Weekly is a truly independent and socially ethical news blog, that specialises in the reporting of social welfare related news and opinion.

With a fragmented and divided socially, it is more important than ever not to report welfare news in such a way as to inflame hatred, social tensions and a class warfare that has engulfed British society.

Welfare Weekly exists to help build bridges between all social classes, through news designed to counter negative stereotypes of people in receipt of social security benefits and challenge common misconceptions.

Social security is now, and has always been, an extremely contentious topic, with many hardline beliefs rooted in lies and misinformation, rather than truths and realities.

Unlike some other news media, Welfare Weekly is not run by journalists from ‘middle England’ – who may have no knowledge or experience of ‘real life’ in Britain today – but by people who truly understand social security and have experienced life on the breadline for themselves.

This is where Welfare Weekly comes in. We aim to keep our readers updated on issues that matter most to them. We do so in a way that does not judge people in receipt of social security benefits and other welfare services, and we will always promote Britain’s welfare state and seek to act as a voice for those who rely on the vital support it provides.

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