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What happens to your donation

How the money is split

How the money is split

  • Stripe take their cut – 1.5% for processing fees
  • The Media Fund take our cut of 10% – mostly for processing fees, but also to support our work promoting indy media and trying to raise more cash
  • Your cash gets split equally between the General Fund and The Project Fund
The two funds

The two funds

  1. General Fund – your cash gets split equally between before each of our partners automatically on a month by month basis
  2. The Project Fund – your cash goes into a pot The Media Fund gives out every time we raise £20,000, with your help – more details below
The General Fund pot

The General Fund pot

The money is split equally between all our media partners – all are trusted, quality, independent media organisations.

All of our partners have to sign up to the following code

The Project Fund pot

The Project Fund pot

  • When we reach £20,000 we will share out the cash to media projects our partners put forward
  • We can already trust our partners to deliver (this is why we got them on board) so the important thing is to gauge how good the idea is.
  • This is where YOU get involved:  You will need to vote on your favourite ideas.  Only the ones with enough votes will get the cash
  • Before we even start the voting we will encourage you to make suggestions, by adapting the proposed projects, or even coming up with entirely new ones!

Why do you divide the money like this?

The idea behind having two pots is simple, and based upon the real needs of our media partners.
The general fund pot allows for our partners to be assured that they will receive regular, steady income each month – allowing them to plan for the future better.

The project fund pot we believe will strengthen areas of the independent media ecosystem that are of specific and critical importance, for example investigative journalism.

Why did you pick these rules for our partners?

‘Independent media’ for us simply refers to media organisations that are outside state or corporate control. We have to enshrine this in our rules so you know that elites have not bought and paid for your media.

By supporting NUJ rules for our partners we aim to ensure that all organisations in receipt of funding through The Media Fund are accurate sources of information that you can trust.

Equally importantly, we see that the best way to create wealth for ourselves as a society are through Trade Unions and Cooperatives. We are committed to being part of that movement and want Trade unions know that they can happily support us, and in doing so they are supporting the Trade Union movement.

Ultimately we believe in solidarity, not charity.

By joining The Media Fund you are supporting yourself and helping build a better world for all of us.

Why do you support indy media?

We believe independent media is more able to hold the powerful to account than media that is funded by either the state or by corporate interests. As more and more journalism is replaced by advertorials and more heavily reliant on PR, it’s ability to do its basic function of holding the powerful to account is compromised.

Furthermore, the hollowing out of local journalism has led to very few in-depth reporting work done on local issues. We believe that indy media provides an answer to this – if it is properly funded.

Why do you think this method can be the future of media in the 21st Century?

The old way that the media was traditionally funded – through newspaper sales and advertisements – is no longer sustainable in the long run.

The question of how journalism is funded is an open one, and different organisations are trying different tactics right now.

We believe that in the absence of progressive-minded people coming together to fund the journalism they wish to see through subscriptions, like with the Media Fund, then the landscape will be increasingly dominated by rich special interest oligarchs, big corporations and the state.

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