Quite simply we are a fund for truly independent, quality media.

We believe that the media is vital to the functioning of a democracy, and as such it should represent the interests of the people, not the elite.  What we have now as media that serves the interests of billionaire owners, multinational advertisers, or the government.

The only way we can change this situation is to build our own media, that is funded directly by us, and so directly answerable to us.

The good news is that there is good independent media that already exists, doing great work and is ready to fill the space created by a collapsing press. They now needs your help to reach their full potential.

Producing media is a costly business, from marketing to equipment, to research, to legal protection, to, most importantly, covering the cost of time and skills to produce proper high quality journalism.  We want to enable media organisations that are doing work to be able to count on a consistent income, rather than living from grant to grant, or relying on advertising income or a rich benefactor.

Through this they can grow, expand their reach and focus on what they are best at – producing quality media for us.

Yet most of us want to access our media for free, so we need to find other ways to cover these costs.

The Media Fund makes it easier to support several different media organisations in one go – which we think is important for everyone that wants to support the scene but isn’t attached to just one publication.

We also believe it is important to have an organisation that advocates for independent media, that critiques the established media and that highlights the importance of how media is funded.

We want to become a hub for quality independent media, where you can find and support the best the UK has to offer.  We are going to be methodical in our approach to achieving this, whilst the site is ready to take small consistent donations already, we want to become much more than this.

We want to enable all donors to be involved in the running of the fund. We also want to be able to create pots of cash for special projects, we want to run events, produce our own media in advocacy of independent media, and we want to involve trade unions, coops and ethical businesses in supporting independent media in a concrete way.

This will take time. It will take time to get build the structures, plan the projects, execute them and to involve as many stakeholders as possible along the way.
With your support we believe that we can do this. You can read our monthly reports on our blog to chart our progress.

Together we can follow in the footsteps of the South Welsh miners that built the example for the NHS, or the founders of the Cooperative Movement in Rochdale, or any of the truly important movements of history – we can create an institution that builds our power.

Specifics – also check our FAQ


The money you donate is processed through Stripe, who take a small charge, and the rest goes directly to the organisations you have chosen to donate to.

If you select ‘All Partners’ the amount you donate will get split equally between all partners, national or regional depending on which you pick.


All of our partners meet the standards of the NUJ code of conduct, within one year of joining the media fund they have to become fully unionised workplaces, and they do not rely on corporate or state funding.

The Media Fund

Is currently funded by a crowdfunder we did in Autumn 2016 that raised £8,500.

That cash has been spent on;

  • The website
  • The legal fees for registration of the Coop (The Media Fund is a cooperative)
  • The costs of the crowdfunder (for the video, and marketing costs)
  • Providing wages for a part time administrator who is also building the fund (£4,000 for the year).

The Media Fund also runs media training workshops for activist and alternative media groups – on interview techniques, how to manage social media, and how to get your stories onto mainstream and independent news platforms.

Our current partner organisations are:

  • Novara Media
  • Open Democracy
  • Centre for Investigative Journalism
  • Radical Film Network
  • Real Media
  • New Internationalist
  • Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
  • Now Then
  • Union News
  • Bureau of Investigative Journalism
  • Reel News
  • Spin Watch
  • Consented
  • Pride’s Purge
  • Common Space
  • Bella Caledonia
  • Dorset Eye
  • Salford Star
  • Manchester Meteor
  • Bristol Radical Film Festival

If you have any further questions feel free to email us at admin (at)

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