Frequently Asked Questions


Why use the Media Fund, instead of just donating to the individual sites I like?

Because it is easier!

It will also split your money for you between all the sites you want to support, so you can have just one direct debit going out instead of several.

What will happen to the money I donate?

The money you donate is processed through Stripe, who take a small charge, and the rest goes directly to the organisations you have chosen to donate to.

If you select ‘All Partners’ the amount you donate will get split equally between all partners, national or regional depending on which you pick.

Can I donate to the Media Fund itself? And why would I do that?

Yes you can fund us directly.

This will help us employ staff who will go out to bigger funding bodies such as the trade unions, or other cooperatives, and get lumps of cash to share between all the member publications of the Media Fund.

They will also maintain the website, the online marketing, run media training workshops and other profile raising events, and generally dedicate themselves to changing the way we run media.

They will also develop an online merchandise shop to help raise cash and get you some exclusive goodies.

And that’s just to begin with…

Do you have any plans for the future?  Isn’t there more you could do with this?

When bigger and well-resourced enough we will create pots of funding – such as an Investigative Journalism Pot, a Video Content Pot, a Skills Training Pot and a Legal Defence Pot.

This will allow the groups you love to apply for funding for particular projects and expansions of their work, even if they’re not receiving huge amounts of individual donations (because they’re local, niche, etc.)

We will put out a report monthly on our progress in this and other areas on our blog, and hopefully will be able to unveil a big strategy document after our first AGM in Autumn 2017.

How do we know you’re going to be funding quality independent media?

Firstly, the original partners of the Media Fund are all established media organisations dedicated to relevant and investigative reporting.

We understand the ins and outs of what makes good, honest, in-depth media, and we have only partnered with groups that have a proven track record.

Secondly – and more importantly – we have rules for joining the organisation based on the NUJ code of conduct. This includes rules about funding, corporate and government influence, and the standards of journalism we expect to be upheld.


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