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Bannon’s Plan to Bring the Dirty Tricks of Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica to Europe

A round-up of the hottest takes from the best UK Indy Media

Bannon’s Plan to Bring the Dirty Tricks of Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica to Europe

The Daily Beast and others this week reported on Steve Bannon’s plans to focus his culture-war efforts on Europe, especially in advance of next year’s European Parliament Elections.

With his positions at Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica Bannon had been a major influence in the far-right social media-based milieu associated with Trump’s ascent to power. He then became a senior White House strategist before falling out with Trump, as so many do.

As Media Alert has noted before, US and UK hard-right thinking and culture have become far more aligned in recent years, and it’s true of Europe more broadly.

Bannon intends to set up a foundation, ominously called “The Movement”, which will aid the identity-obsessed political parties that the billionaire and liberal media like to describe as “populist”. They will receive help with data targeting, polling, propaganda messaging and other means towards maximising the number of MEPs in the mould of Le Pen and Hungary’s Orban.

The financial crisis of 2008/09 and subsequent austerity has left the establishment in crisis. It’s nothing new for fascism to be proffered as a fake alternative in such circumstances. Significant elements of the elite find class-based progressive politics a far bigger worry and the establishment would often prefer a Devil’s bargain with politics to the right of traditional post-1945 conservatism.

During Trump’s visit to Europe, Bannon set up shop in a top Mayfair hotel, as any “populist” might, and toured UK TV studios, interviewed by journalists who are not always the most clued-in regarding the modus operandi of the modern hard-right.

While Trump managed to further discredit himself during his series of meeting with NATO, European leaders and Putin, the hard-right themselves will feel no general need to be discouraged. They have plenty of other irons in the fire and huge financial backing from billionaire elitists such as The Mercer Family. they can always distance themselves from Trump in the medium term if needs be.

What this will mean for those of us who get much of our news online is a large boost for far-right backed social media activity in a variety of languages, peddling paranoia and fake populism under the guise of being “edgy” and “fresh” and put up for your attention by “people like you”.

As usual, the best counter-weight to such influences is the production and sharing of high quality progressive independent media, as well as drawing people’s attention to the coming onslaught of orchestrated right-wing paranoia across the continent.


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