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Corporate Media Laughs In Our Face

Top Job For Top Hacker, Ceaseless Racism – Corporate Media Laughs In Our Face.

Two recent stories underline the stubborn refusal of corporate media to ever learn obvious lessons, despite the constant pretence that they will change for the better.

As reported by Byline Media in this detailed piece, Tina Weaver, long mired in media dark arts and the hacking scandal, has landed a job as a leading commentator at The Mail On Sunday. She replaces Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris (it’s an extension of modern celebrity culture and media gullibility that it’s not just frauds who get glorified – their whole family can be roped in too).

After the hacking scandal blew up, the self-flagellation in the media lasted considerably longer than many news cycle narratives, but it’s long forgotten now.

Byline has a recent exclusive investigation into further links between The Mail On Sunday and hacking here.

Each time systemic criminal or immoral behaviour is exposed they throw their hands up and talk about how things must and will change. Then they don’t change, but at least the navel-gazing provides something to fill space and airtime.

Another example of continued rancid behaviour is seen in the media’s racism. Sometimes this is latent, sometimes it is more overt, the results for victims are what matters.

According to Kick It Out, racism has been rising again at football matches. The Premier League has been fairly free of big incidents of late, but a banana was thrown at Arsenal’s Pierre Emerick Aubameyang recently, and now Raheem Sterling has condemned the role of the media, having been a victim himself.

While it’s easy for papers like The Sun and Mail to posture as outraged at such abuse, self-reflection will be off the table. Stirring hate is the function of these (usually) white middle-class reactionaries – then the results can be blamed on the “white working class”.

This is a phrase that has become increasingly dubious in its use. Firstly it is inaccurate to what is being described. European immigrants are mostly white, but these aren’t among those referenced. But working class people whose families have been British for generations are excluded according to skin colour. The phrase subdivides the class and is thus contrary to the advancement of class-based politics and analysis. It allows class oppression to be inaccurately portrayed as oppression on the basis of being white – a standard feature of far-right paranoia.

Corruption, hatred and misdirection are mainstays of corporate media, just like the tendency to move on from misdeeds with no correction. This is why so many people across the political spectrum have rejected them. This doesn’t make independent media an automatic panacea. We need robust standards and, of course, resources.  Please do what you can to help and spread the word.


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