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March Report

Monthly Report – March

Here’s our March Report, with the following items:

  1. National News Club Event with Lowkey!
  2. New Secretary Elections – nominate yourself!
  3. Workers’ Reports

National News Club Event with Lowkey

As a showcase of our local News Clubs around the UK, this event will have some top speakers joining us to discuss the hot topics of the week – with the audience encouraged to participate.

they will tackle, not only what is in the news, but what is going on behind the news.

The event will happen in Sheffield on 31st May in Sheffield.

Speakers included: Lowkey, Lisa Mackenzie, Angela Haggerty (Sunday Herald) and more TBC. Tickets are £5 and you can get them here.

If you can’t afford a ticket, but really want to attend, we have a few freebies to give away. Please email us on [email protected] to get these.


New Secretary Elections – nominate yourself!

Also on May 31t, The Media Fund is electing a new Secretary. We aim for this to be a stipended position, we hope to have a small monthly budget to pay for the part-time role.

To be nominated for the position please¬†just email [email protected] with the following details BEFORE April 28th.

  • Your name
  • Two other members of the fund (workers, media partners or donors) who nominate you.
  • No more than 400 words on you and your qualifications for and interests in the role.
  • A photo of your face (optional).

Voting will open in the first week of May and will close on May 31st. There will be an online vote, and votes can also be counted at the General Meeting in Sheffield on the 31st of May if members haven’t voted online. All of The Media Fund’s members can attend, though we will be mostly focusing on the media partners in this meeting.


Workers’ Reports

Secretary’s Report

I spoke at The Media Democracy Festival this month, attended roundtables on ‘Reporting Migration’ and ‘Why Local Media Matters’ and secured funding support from NUJ Manchester and Salford.

I have kept pushing various initiatives forward that we have undertaken (more details below), most seem to be at the waiting for confirmation funding stage. I have been working on ByWire, an exciting news tech initiative started by The Media Fund, around developing the app and widget as outlined in previous reports. I will be attending the National Union of Journalists National delegates meeting later this month.

Chair’s Report

I have been promoting The Media Fund through my union, the CWU and have tabled a motion at the national conference.

Charlie Macnamara’s Report

I have been working on the Independent Media Awards finalising designs for sponsorships one-pagers, the nominations callout and I have been contacting potential sponsors.

I also worked at a stall at The Media Democracy Festival this month and will be doing the same at New Internationalist’s Ethical Careers Fair, and the BECTU Freelancers Fair.

Social Media Officer’s Report

Our presence on social media is growing. We are increasing our reach on Twitter, adding more followers every day.

At the same time, we are benefiting from collaboration with other indy media content producers. For instance, the Facebook group “Independent Media UK” has provided us with a megaphone for our posts and is bringing our content to a wider receptive audience.

We have some great new content in the works. The Media Democracy Festival gave us the chance to harangue lots of media figures and as a result, we have some good promotional videos, which will be out there soon!

Treasurer’s Report

Finance: I’ll be in contact with the 2 partners who had problems to finish their setup. I am finishing a communication to be sent to all new partners helping them set up the same payment links so they can participate in future payment runs.

Accounts: the construction of our accounting manual is almost complete but on hold as a low priority at the moment. It covers all aspects of payments, contracts, accounting procedures and reporting but until we have more staff members and activity it makes way for more urgent fund-raising activity.

Administration: GDPR compliance is almost complete; on target to be finished by the end of April. Establishing the office set up in Manchester is complete and the postal address service works and is useful.

Additional Notes

  • Oshi from Guestlist has been very helpful in preparing documents, getting designs done and supporting our social media efforts.
  • Charlotte from NewsPeeks has been working a huge amount on the News Club projects, the IMAs and general support for The Media Fund.
  • Mat from DeSmog has been very supportive around the IMA’s and in other areas.
  • The Media Reform Coalition ran a great event this month with The Media Democracy Festival.
  • Josef Davies-Coates from Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom is regularly in touch with ideas and support.
  • The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has been doing great work around local journalism and have been helping us support our Media Partners.

That’s it for this months report! Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.

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