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Media Alert 13 Feb

A round-up of the hottest takes from the best UK Indy Media


In this week’s edition of Media Alert:

  • New site with tons of activist videos goes live,
  • Our picks of the week

Media Alert is a weekly bulletin discussing issues impacting on the UK independent media and highlighting some of the best recent work from the sector.

It’s brought to you by The Media Fund, a co-operative of over 30 partners seeking to raise funds and advocate for quality independent journalism.


The Weeks Big Stories

Essential new from the frontlines of media politics

Reel News Launch New Website

Activist video collective, Reel News announced a new website.

The UK-based platform presents a wide range of videos focussed on the worldwide pushback against oppression and injustice.

In their launch statement, Reels News gives some very telling reasons for the move:

“As social media changes its algorithms again and (intentionally or not) makes it more difficult to bring independent media to people’s attention, from today we’ll no longer be uploading videos directly to Facebook (the quality was rubbish anyway) but posting links to our website instead, where you’ll get a lot more in-depth coverage about the various campaigns we’re involved in.”

It’s certainly true that algorithm changes present huge challenges for independent media, who are also trying to compete for attention with established corporate news possessed of much deeper pockets.

There was a time when many independent platforms relied totally on, or nearly totally on, Facebook for promoting their work, but we could be seeing a return to organisations relying on their own websites and/or an increasing diversity of social media spaces to promote their work.


Of course, all this is labour intensive and expensive if organisations are going to be able to pay workers even a modest income for their efforts (a great man once said, “All voluntary work is inherently unsustainable”). Reel News is almost entirely funded by donations from individuals and grass-roots trade union branches. You can also support them via The Media Fund.

There’s some truly top content on the new website, so try spending some time there and sharing Reel News’ work. They are really producing some top quality content, helping to build stronger independent news scene in the UK.


Picks of the Week

Our hand-picked selections from some of the best independent journalism around

The State is Becoming a Battleground Between the Interests of the Many and the Few – Paul Mason, Novara Media

The parallels between hard-right politics in the US and the UK can be striking. Both are using a distorted and fundamentally bogus strain of “populism to attack the pillars of democracy.

Through another incisive and accessible piece by Paul Mason, Novara Media are keeping tabs on the rising authoritarianism haunting both nations.

Find Novara Media on Twitter @novaramedia 


Wealthy to Get Private Police Force – TruePublica

Back in the 1980s, when The Tories started the mass sell-off of services and infrastructure, talk of a privatised police force would have been seen as a reductio ad absurdum. When austerity pushes public health and education to the brink it can push people to seek private provision. This article from TruePublica shows that it may not be so far-out after all if these dynamics spread to the realm of policing.

Find TruePublica on Twitter @TruePublica


Kremlin Social Network Backing Jacob Rees-Mogg – J.J. Patrick, Byline

It may be that Jacob Rees-Mogg has had a suspiciously large amount of attention for a backbench MP. But who knew that it was suspicious enough to involve the now infamous Russian bots? Worldwide, they’ve been utilised for the benefit of hard-right elitists who pretend to care about the masses. So why not here?

Find Byline on Twitter @Byline_Media

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