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February Report

Monthly Report – February

  1. IMA
  2. Media Democracy Festival plus other events we’re planning and planning to attend
  3. News Club
  4. Social Media & Comms – Changes in the landscape
  5. Treasurer’s Report

Independent Media Awards

The work on setting up an Independent Media Awards for the UK began in earnest this month. We;

  • Agreed to hold the awards at the Byline Festival on 24 -27 August (Click here for details)
  • Began the hunt for sponsors
  • Prepared for the public launch of IMAs (e.g. website landing page is there, nominations call out is ready, branding is going through final stages)
  • Planned and budgeted the project
  • Prepared marketing strategy
  • Started building the core team


The Media Fund will be at the following events – come visit us!

News Clubs

Funding bids for our regional News Club projects are in across the UK and we are now waiting to start the programs when we have confirmed funding, which will hopefully be by April.

Social Media & Comms

As we haven’t been paying for advertising on any Google or Facebook platform we have been struggling to get the reach we would like. Now things have got worse with Facebook tweaking their algorithm to bury news and de-prioritize posts from pages.

However, on Twitter, we have made steady progress and our weekly email out is becoming more and more essential (so make sure you sign up!)

We hope by holding some more real-life events that we will be able to create more traffic and get more people involved. And pick up some email addresses.

Treasurer’s Report


  • All testing of the software making payments from the website to our original partners is now complete. I’ll be in contact with the two partners who had problems to finish their setup. I am finishing a communication to be sent to all new partners helping them set up the same payment links so they can participate in future payment runs.
  • The first distribution of public donations through the website was made but contributions have been so small that no further distribution is scheduled


  • The construction of our accounting manual is almost complete but on hold as a low priority at the moment. It covers all aspects of payments, contracts, accounting procedures and reporting but until we have more staff members and activity it makes way for more urgent fund-raising activity.
  • The handover of banking accounts to the Treasurer is almost complete. Payments are being made but I will return to the Co-operative bank to see what can be done with that account and its signatories problem.


  • Regular management meeting in the Manchester offices began but have now been stopped in favour of remote conference calls.
  • Establishing the office set up in Manchester is complete. Postal address service works and is useful.
  • I have started to draft a communications process with donors aimed at a staff solution to pushing for more website donations.

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