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Suddenly, Antisemitism Doesn’t Seem to Matter

A spate of stories linked to antisemitism have been receiving strangely muted coverage from a media who seemed so concerned for victims when they presented a chance to roast you-know-who.

During the recent Labour conference week, 2 events were targeted with bomb threats, one having been organised by Jewish Voice For Labour.

Normally, any bomb-threat might warrant several hours of breathless rolling coverage, especially in those circumstances. But Jewish Voice For Labour tends to be sympathetic to Corbyn. They are the wrong kind of Jew.

Tapes emerged last week of the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, berating “greedy Jews.” Antisemitism is spiking in Poland under a nationalist government that has outlawed blaming Polish people for complicity in The Holocaust.

Poland’s governing “Law and Justice” Party are in the same European Parliament grouping as The Conservatives. So has anyone been much bothered to interrogate these links to antisemitism? Nope. Like Orban in Hungary, these are the right type of bigots.

The Plymouth Tory students, plastered on the front of The Daily Mirror – Hitler moustache, white power hand signal and “Jude” scrawl all in place: they were covered for a day or so. There will be an investigation and perhaps further disciplinary action, but weeks of grilling for senior Tories and talk of a crisis? Forget it.

Even more quickly forgotten, barely noticed at all in fact, were the far-right screeds on sale at Tory conference. Imagine if they’d been available in Liverpool the week before. We’d certainly still be hearing about it.

Swiftly and strangely, concern about anti-semitism has scattered to the wind. It would be helpful for the billionaire/establishment media to publicly categorise which cases of this bigotry matter to them and why. Obviously, that won’t happen, but we can at least make some very educated guesses.


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